World Rabies Day 2020

Within the past one week, Veterinarians across the country have been putting a lot of efforts in place to join other Veterinarians and animal health workers in celebrating the World rabies day, which comes up annually every September 28.
The activity that had been going on so far had include, social media awareness campaign, radio and television interviews and programs with different kinds of plans to give free anti rabies vaccination to unvaccinated dogs or subsidy on cost of vaccination against rabies just to ensure that a larger number of dogs are vaccinated against this deadly zoonotic disease.
The theme for this year; ‘END RABIES: COLLABORATE, VACCINATE’ is aimed at ensuring that all stakeholders involved are conjoined to ensure that the needful is done to put an end to the menace of rabies in the world.
Nigerian Veterinarians are not out of this as well as both those in the private sector of practice are seen to be offering slash in price of the cost of vaccination, while some in the public sector are doing it for free.
The Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association Chapters in most states are also seen to be undertaking one program or the other to ensure that the information about what rabies is goes round, and that the general public knows the importance of anti-rabies vaccination for pets especially dogs which are mostly common in the households.
Rabies is a deadly zoonotic disease that can be contracted from dogs, cats, bats, foxes, and some other wild animals. The virus is believed to be contained in the saliva of an infected animal and could find its way into the nervous system of human when bitten by such infected animal or scratched through the inflicted wound.
It is believed that a rabid animal might be furious with aggression on people and other animals around or could end up paralyzed and thereafter die just few days later, while any victim of such rabid animal could have series of conditions ranging from itching at the bite site, tingling sensation, hyper excitability, hydrophobia that could then progress to nervous disorder or cardio-respiratory and then death and could have possible manifestation as high as 2 or 3 months post dog bite.
Dogs that bite with no rational etiology are highly implicated while those that bite out of provocation are less implicated, but in both instances victims should be taken care of and taken to the hospital with the dog isolated in a confined environment with report to the Veterinary Hospital or a close by Veterinarian that can advise on what procedures to follow to confirm the status of the dog.
Rabies is a deadly zoonotic disease that is present in about 150 countries and has caused up to 59,000 deaths globally and Nigeria is one of them.
The World Animal Health Organization, OIE has declared that all efforts must be geared towards ensuring that the world becomes rabies free by the year 2030; hence the theme for this year ‘END RABIES: COLLABORATE, VACCINATE.

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