Notice from Chief Veterinary Officer of Nigeria


The Chief Veterinary Officer of Nigeria, Dr Olaniran Alabi has, on 3rd of February 2021; released a circular informing all Director of Veterinary Services in each state of the Federation about the resurgence of the highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza also known as Bird Flu, in the country after about 2 months of no outbreak reports.

Dr. Oladipo Samuel, a Veterinary Doctor, advised that poultry farmers can use the few underlisted tips as protective guidelines against the deadly disease;
1. Avoid/Reduce to the minimum, influx of people to your farm (in case of those producing egg, let there be a sales outlet not close to the birds).
2. Disinfect every living and non-living things entering and leaving the farm.
3. Quarantine all living things procured before introducing them to other stocks.
4. If a case of outbreak is experienced, please contact a Veterinary Doctor as soon as possible.

Please share this piece of crucial information far and wide to support poultry farmers in taking precautions and saving their business.

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